Building Materials

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that comes in different shades, ranging from dark grey to white. Nowadays, Consumption of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) has become more and more popular in a variety of applications, such as: Production Technology in Rubber, Paper, Paint, Plastics, Skim coat, Adhesives and many others.

The well-known Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) products originated from the Mong Son quarry, BaiTho quarryare considered the best in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Its chemical compositions and physical properties can meet the demand of a steadily growing industry. Once mined, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is processed with the most advancedEuropean technology, in which its products are both routine-checked and randomly-checked by latest laboratory equipment such as: Whiteness Analyzer MINOLTA CR-200 (made in Japan) and Particle Laser Diffraction MALVERN (made in England), under Quality Management System of ISO 9001: 2008.

Besides, Ultra-fine grinding system has been designed as a closed manufacturing cycle with the modern classifier, which enables to manufacture different particle sizes to meet customer requirements: 1.5 µm, 2 µm, 3 µm, 4 µm...

Finally, It is the most important that Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) products are distributed from NCL for the Southern Market of Viet Nam and for Exporting.