Building Materials

Cement is produced from high-quality North-Vietnam-origin clinker, imported gypsum and other specialized additives. The manufacturing process is strictly monitored by experts to ensure the final products are top shelf, with high compressive strength, great endurance, excellent waterproof ability…

We supply a wide range of portland cement conforming to standard ASTM C150 Type 1, ASTM C150 Type 2, EN197/1:2011/CEM I 42.5N, EN197-1:2011/CEM I 42.5R, EN197-1:2011/CEM I 52.5N.

Packing in 40kg/bag, 50kg/bag in sling bags (2 metric tons each), in jumbo bags (1mt/bag, 1.5mt/bag), etc… as per Buyer’s request